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Global Volunteers – Lifelong Friends!

Students from the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and more all come together as a Gapforce team to share their adventure. British Royal Family, US TV celebrities and over 15,000 global students have all participated on our professionally led gap year and study aboard groups.

Unique Programs - Tailor-made for You!

Programs from 2 weeks to a whole year, Volunteering, Adventure and Courses with Jobs, call us to discuss your options.

Your own dedicated Gap Year Advisor will prepare you for your adventure of a life time. Call, text or email us for your brochure.


16-18 year old Gap Year and Mini Gap

Seeking your first overseas travel experience? Travel as part of a Gapforce group; make new friends, either on your gap year or a shorter 2, 3 or 4 week summer holiday. Call us to discuss our First Travel Programs.

At and After University

Seeking to gain career related experience? Medical Elective, Gap year, Marine Conservation, Gap Ski, Teacher, Business Interns, plus a great way to travel one step further than just a holiday. Call us for our dedicated Student Programs.
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Start your Career

How do you start work when most jobs want you to already have experience? Check out our Business, Law, Journalist, Teaching, Medical, Conservation, Sport, Leadership and Engineer Programs. We also have exclusive Courses with Jobs.